Gina Nicolini, MS, BCBA


Gina Nicolini received her master's degree in special education, with a certificate in intense intervention, from Indiana University. She completed her ABA coursework through FIorida Institute of Technology’s online program. Gina originally worked under Dr. Carl Sundberg at the Behavior Analysis Center for Autism, Fishers, IN, to attain her practicum hours.

Since 2000, Gina has worked in disability services in residential programs, private homes, clinics, schools, and nursing homes. Her clinical expertise in verbal behavior makes its way into all clinical programming, as does her long-held interest in maintaining the health of children and families. Gina has presented at national conferences on methods to improve diet and sedentary lifestyles of children on the spectrum. With BehaviorFit, she helps develop models to improve the health of consumers and practicing behavior analysts. Gina is pursuing Precision Nutrition Level 1 certification.

Recently, she assisted with a study on the effects of physical activity on stereotypy and on-task behavior. 

Goldman, K., DeLeon, I., Weinstzok, S., Schieber, E., & Nicolini, G., (2017). A parametric analysis of the effects of physical activity on stereotypy and on-task behavior, in print.

In her free time, Gina enjoys strength training, training her dog, and teaching Ogden, her toddler.