Lisa Smith

Vice President of Brand Marketing

Lisa Smith earned her B.S. in Graphic Communication Technology from Fairmont University in 1993. After graduation, she began working for The Continuous Learning Group, Inc., as a graphic designer. In 1999 Lisa was promoted to art director and led the creative process on client-facing projects from concept to completion for Fortune 50 and Fortune 100 clients. In that role, she identified quality training for a team of graphic designers, made staffing recommendations, screened resumes, conducted interviews, and provided recommendations to the company’s director and CFO. She also documented and distributed best practices, conducted annual performance reviews, suggested areas for improvement, and made salary recommendations. While maintaining production schedules and budgets through the supervision of Art Department employees, Lisa set up a mentoring/training program to facilitate the transfer of best practices between seasoned and new designers.

In 2018 Lisa joined ABA Technologies, Inc., as Creative Director of Marketing. In 2020 her title changed to Vice President of Brand Marketing. She guides and maintains the quality of all creative projects including inbound marketing, SEO, social media strategy, email marketing, video editing, web design, book design, banner ads, information graphics, and logos.  

Lisa works with the Creative Services Team to attract site traffic to the ABA Tech webpage, converting that traffic into new leads, and nurturing those leads into customers. She designs lead generation programs and processes for ABA Tech and reviews data and analytics to measure performance and results.