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Guest Blogger: Mackenzie Davis What does it mean to Actively Care 4 People (AC4P), and how do we implement such rhetoric into our daily lives? Scott Geller’s 50 Lessons to Enrich Your Life not only highlights the foundation of the AC4P Movement but also walks you through ways to live an AC4P life. The fundamentals come from psychological science, although the real

Guiding the Role of the RBT

How Supervisors can Positively Impact Progress and Culture Guest Blogger: Victoria German, ABA Technologies CSF Student Your most important role as a supervisor is to get results for your clients, offering them optimal opportunities to improve their quality of life. As experts in the science of behavior analysis, you can get results by maximizing and supporting your
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​Guest Blogger: Megan Diamond Given the international spotlight on hostile confrontations between police officers and citizens, is it possible to imagine a police officer as a community servant helping to prevent crime with positive consequences? Dr. Scott Geller, the founder of the Actively Caring for People (AC4P) Movement and a distinguished University Professor at Virginia
Guest Blogger: Vince Bello, ABA Technologies CSF Student “An [Organizational Behavior Management (OBM)] professional could work in any industry, in any organization, and on any problem or goal important to that organization” -Dr. Allison King, BCBA & Kelly Therrien, MS, BCBA OBM is closer to a skill set rather than a job title. The skills developed through
Guest Blogger: Vince Bello, ABA Technologies CSF Student The COVID-19 pandemic is forcing many businesses to make rapid changes. Organizational success heavily relies on how businesses are able to adapt their technology, marketing strategies, leadership roles, and products and services to meet changing market demands. The companies that emerge on top of the competition will be those
Guest Blogger: Vince Bello, ABA Technologies CSF Student In many high-risk workplaces, the process of promoting safety usually looks something like this. An employee gets injured on the job. Management scrambles to come up with a new safety campaign centered around re-training and a new safety slogan. Annual bonuses are promised to departments that report low injury

Training & Development: OBM Series

Guest Blogger: Ryan Curran, M.S., BCBA In many Organizational Behavior Management (OBM) circles, you often hear people say things like “Training isn’t always the answer,” or “Is it a CAN’T-Do or a WON’T-DO problem?”  These comments are intended to ensure that the root causes of performance issues are being addressed and that an intervention package

Performance Management: OBM Series

Guest Blogger: Vince Bello, ABA Technologies CSF Student   Performance Management (PM) is an approach to producing organizational results by improving the performance of employees throughout an organization. Performance involves all of the different behaviors that employees engage in. Behaviors that contribute to increases in sales, higher customer satisfaction, and higher quality products and services are the

OBM Prerequisite Skills: OBM Series

Guest Blogger: Vince Bello, ABA Technologies CSF Student Organizational behavior management (OBM) is a growing field that is bringing the science of behavior to the business world. “OBMers” have demonstrated over the last several decades that a science-based approach to increasing employee performance leads to powerful organizational results. These results have been well documented throughout

Mysterious Science

Guest Blogger: Ellee Chin, ABA Technologies CSF Student   Have you ever heard someone you know mention anything about behavior analysis or something along the lines of behavior management? If so, did you ever wonder if they were psychics who can read your mind by simply observing your behavior from afar or figure out your intentions