Goodbye 2019, Hello 2020

Consider setting goals for yourself at work and in your personal life. After all, having a target keeps us engaged and moving toward bigger things.

Stay the Course?

Behavioral psychologists have, for a very long time, been interested in the circumstances under which behavior does or does not persist.

What’s Free About the Free Operant?

 Free operant originally described an experimental arrangement in which the organism could move about freely, without constraint. It was used in part to distinguish the typical operant situation from the Pavlovian or respondent, one in which the experimental animal was restrained so that the reflex could be measured more easily.

Treating Dangerous Behavior

Dangerous behavior simply can’t be ignored. The person engaging in it is going to either hurt herself or someone else if it continues. Saying that is easy, knowing what to do about it is a rabbit hole. At what point does the behavior become more than “disruptive” and cross the “dangerous” threshold?

Behavior in Translation

We use different labels to describe these real or maybe not-so-real connections between basic behavioral processes and things we see in everyday life. Anyone who took a course in English composition in college learned about metaphors (heart of gold) and similes (“My love is like a red, red rose”), which are ways of saying that one thing is like something else, at least in some ways.

Psychology Spectrum Disorder (PSD)

In a famous article entitled “Are Theories of Learning Necessary,” published in 1950, Skinner examined the broad spectrum, that is, psychology, and presented it to the Midwestern Psychological Association. He proposed that approaches at either end of the psychology spectrum were somewhat disordered.
Regardless of the path one takes, completing a Verified Course Sequence (VCS) will provide a foundation in behavior analysis on which to build a career.
Many applied behavior analysts find themselves in a different world from that in which they were trained. Playing well with others is not only pragmatic, but it is also the right way to live one’s professional life.
Effectively planning and leading meetings are beneficial for the success of employees and the company alike. Research has shown that productive meetings can have a significant return on investment for a company; however, few have received instruction on how best to plan or lead meetings.

Measuring Thoughts

“Neuroscientists Decode Brain Speech Signals into Written Text.” If you suspect that the National Enquirer wrote this recent newspaper headline, you would be wrong. It was published by the respected British newspaper, The Guardian.
Our founder Dr. Jose Martinez-Diaz made the trip to beautiful Morgantown, WV, to receive an award from his alma mater, West Virginia University (Ph.D. ‘84). On Friday, September 13, WVU’s Eberly College of Arts and Sciences honored notable graduates for their contributions in their communities—civic leadership and social welfare activities, intellectual and cultural pursuits.

Like a Boss

What does it mean to be a boss? When you hear the word “boss” do you picture your favorite boss or perhaps one you were not particularly fond of? Or do you picture some other dramatic version of a boss?