Coaching is an important learning experience that can work well in concert with our other products and services, or be provided as a stand-alone service to help solve specific problems. Our talented team applies the science of human behavior to our customer’s needs, whether helping them to meet long-term goals, providing new approaches to their process of professional development, or meeting other specific challenging situations.

Our Coaching Model is based on SCIENCE (Situation, Count, Investigate, Evaluate, Navigate, Calibrate, and Evolve)

  • Situation – Identify what the behavior and results of interest are and why (socially significant)
  • Count – Measure the results, measure the behaviors, collect baseline, and ensure a system is in place to track the data continuously throughout the project.
  • Investigate – Complete behavior based assessments to ensure you understand the “why” before defining the solution
  • Evaluate – Monitor progress ongoing, use the data, and provide coaching and feedback to ensure success
  • Navigate – Lead the change effort based on scientifically applied research.
  • Calibrate – Ensure alignment with key stakeholders (leaders/employees/customers) regarding the solutions implemented and expected outcomes.
  • Evolve – Identify and define the organizational systems that must be in place to sustain the behavior

Coaching can be done face-to-face, by telephone, or using web-based virtual meetings. We customize our coaching approach to meet your needs.

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