Evolving Ethics in Practice

Evolving Ethics in Practice: Team Processes, Communication, and Coordination of Services

Time: 3 hours, 25 minutes
Credits: 4
Price: $52.00
Instructor: Thomas R. Freeman, M.S., BCBA
Course Categories: ABA-Ethics
BACB: Authorized Continuing Education Provider

Discusses the evolution of treatments for individuals with intellectual disabilities over the last 150 years, with a special focus on the influence of the eugenics movement of the early 20th century. Includes a broader discussion of the character and evolution of ethical standards. Examines the ethics of coordinating services with other interdisciplinary team members and the nature of evidence-based practice; presents some effective techniques for evaluating various alternative treatments that may confront the behavior analyst in clinical practice. Also discusses some pitfalls of using social media in practice and presents some thoughts relating to the effective communication of the benefits of ABA to the public at large.