Article Club: Self-Management Isn't Only for Our Clients

Live discussion: Feb 8, 2022 06:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)
1.0 BACB


In the first article club discussion, we will be looking at Self-Management. Most of the research regarding Self-Management and Self-Monitoring incorporates implementing Self-Management for OTHERS, but not ourselves. Self-Management isn’t only for our clients. Self-Management is also not a new concept, so let’s start in a good place - with B.F. Skinner. Where did self-management come from within our field, and where could it go? After we read the article, we will meet to discuss the importance of self-management and how these principles can be applied to ourselves and society as a whole.


Learning Checklist

  1. Describe two applications of self-management techniques outside of clinical practice.
  2. Determine what is a “good” goal versus a “bad” goal.
  3. Describe ways that self-management can assist with your professional and personal life and describe some potential research topics related to self-management outside of clinical practice.

Course Rating

This course reviews research related to self-management and encompasses discussion and real-world applications of self-management techniques. This course would benefit BCaBAs, BCBAs, students of behavior analysis, and other professionals seeking to understand and improve self-management techniques.


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