Ethical Dilemma

Do What's Right with Tom Freeman
Recently, Tom Freeman, MS, BCBA, LBA-NY, LBA-MA, and current senior vice-president of ABA Technologies, Inc., received a question from a colleague regarding an ethical dilemma of sorts. Following is the exchange between the two—one that, hopefully, will be helpful to others confronted with a similar issue. Question: Tom,  I am facing a potential ethical issue

Thomas Freeman, M.S., BCBA, LBA-NY, LBA-MA is currently the senior vice-president of ABA Technologies Inc., where he is dedicated to ABA Tech’s mission to disseminate the benefits of behavior science to the world at large. As part of that mission, he helps to create and present instructional content for the online program in ABA at Florida Tech, in both online classes and CE presentations. He also writes and provides live presentations on such diverse topics as the evolution of ethics in human services, behavioral pharmacology, grief and other end-of-life issues in relation to ABA, and coordinating ABA services with other professionals.


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