Sean Will

Sean Will is a current Ph.D. student at Florida Institute of Technology conducting research into the development of problem-solving and critical thinking repertoires with students in public schools. Sean received his M.S. from the University of North Texas within the Applied Behavior Analysis Program and completed his internship through Harvard Medical School’s Department of Psychiatry. Sean is a certified educator in the State of Texas and has spearheaded the development of programs used at public schools, animal shelters, and zoos. While working as a public-school teacher, Sean developed an after-school program for middle school learners called Leaders & Thinkers aimed at teaching problem-solving skills for students to apply to their schoolwork and everyday life.

Sean was elected by district teachers and administrators to the Educational Improvement Counsel through 2017-2019, to advise the school board in decisions related to the public-school curriculum. Today Sean applies this knowledge to the creation of instructional programs not just for animals, but for students of all ages and across curriculum subjects. Sean is a founder of an annual conference in Japan called the Constructional Approach to Animal Training and Welfare, and a creator and co-host of the Constructional Approach to Animal Training and Welfare Podcast.