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Private Speaking

For many years, our team has provided professional development workshops, seminars and webinars for Behavior Analysts across the globe. Our unique speaking engagements are focused on the applications of Applied Behavior Analysis.  From the most commonly used approaches to innovative applications our goal is simple…engage people in learning and understanding the applications of Behavior Analysis to make a positive difference to the world.


Our speaking engagements are customized for our client’s needs, and can be designed for a 30 minute “dose of science” all the way up to 2 day workshops.  

Sample topics include:
  • Understanding why people behave as they do at work (our intro workshop)
  • How to give effective feedback to produce measurable business results
  • Performance  Feedback Fundamentals/Essentials – bridging the gap between Feedback as a Concept to Feedback serving a function for the everyday leader to make a difference
  • Leadership behaviors that count
  • Leadership and Culture Change, a perfect marriage
  • Pay for Performance ingredients – Behavioral Science and Math
  • 20 Performance Hacks: A Cheat Sheet for Behavior Change
  • Measure Behavior, Get Results 
  • Employee Engagement, the icing on the cake
  • How leadership matters: the effects of leadership alignment on strategy and results
  • Organizational Performance Diagnostics: you wouldn’t guess if your car was working.
  • Fluency Based Training: preparing people to excel when no one is looking
  • Behavior Based Safety, the right thing to do
  • Employee of the Month programs: Do they really work?
  • Turning Over Turnover