Building Collaborative Supervisory Relationships

Building and Sustaining Meaningful and Effective Relationships as a Supervisor and Mentor Chapter 2


Effective supervisory relationships require a strong foundation built from collaboration and a clear commitment to the ultimate outcomes of the relationship.

Building Blocks for a Strong Foundation

  1. A clear understanding of roles and scope

  2. Well defined expectations

  3. A collaborative and participatory approach to identifying goals

  4. Shared responsibility for the health of the supervisory relationship

  5. Frequent bi-directional feedback and open discussions


Actions for Growing Committed and Healthy Learning Context

  • Being attentive
    • be actively present
  • Acknowledging and facilitating the learning process
    • both people are learning; mistakes are welcome
  • Welcoming different perspectives and diversity
    • there is no “one right perspective/way”
  • Learning about past experiences and preferences
  • Providing frequent positive and constructive feedback
  • Engaging in ongoing communication and feedback
    • a constant bi-directional process


Building and Sustaining Relationships Supervisor Mentor_ch2 infographic