Keypress Publishing LogoOur mission is to disseminate the science and technology of the science of behavior by partnering with experts in the field to create high-quality and lasting products.

Our relentless effort to bring the science of behavior to the world began in 1992 with the founding of ABA Technologies, Inc. by Dr. Jose Martinez-Diaz. ABA Technologies, Inc. became pioneers in developing and delivering online and professional education. In 2020, ABA Technologies, Inc. took experts from the fields of behavior analysis, instructional design, project management, design, and marketing to expand our efforts of dissemination to both printed and digital books, creating KeyPress Publishing.

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We are an organization dedicated to...

  • Disseminating the science of learning worldwide.

  • Fostering authors, no matter where they are in the publishing process.

  • Individualized attention to every author to produce high-quality products.

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