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Designed by experts with students in mind, BOOST products aim to help students identify their strengths and weaknesses, build knowledge in critical verbal competencies, and overcome barriers and anxieties to succeed in their path to behavior analysis certification and beyond.


Over 450 SAFMEDS fluency flashcards cover essential ABA content from the 5th BACB® Task List and 6th edition BACB® Test Content Outline. Cards are expertly designed to help students build a strong and fluent foundation.

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The BOOST philosophy is to build your behavioral repertoire to build your career. Our goal is more than simply preparing you for a single high-stakes certification exam. The BOOST philosophy strives to set you on the path to a long and successful career as a behavior analyst.

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BOOST U! is a podcast for students. From test tips to breaking down difficult concepts and analyzing test questions, our team discusses the topics you need most.

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BOOST ABA Study and Support Community offers free practice questions, study content, and more.

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Your source for study-related blogs, study tools, supplements,  infographics, and more. These resources aim to support you in meeting your study goals.





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  • Proven Track Record:
    • Over 25 years of experience helping students prepare for certification.
    • We’ve instructed over a quarter of a million individuals in-person and online since 1997.
    • We have delivered over 20,000 exams to date.
  • Comprehensive Expertise: Behavior Analysis, credentialing, Instruction, and Testing:
    • Our team comprises individuals with experience not just in behavior analysis, but in teaching and testing to ensure students reach their goals.
  • Expertly Crafted Content:
    • Our content is crafted by experts specifically for students.
  • Quality Assurance:
    • We offer meaningful assessments, practice, and feedback to ensure high-quality learning experiences.
    • Continuous improvement is guaranteed through thorough item analyses.

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Disclaimer: BOOST ABA Exam Prep products and services are offered independently of the BACB®. BOOST staff represent ABA Technologies, Inc. and are not affiliated with the BACB®

BACB Approved Continuing Education (ACE) Provider

ABA Technologies, Inc., is an approved Type-2, continuing-education provider through the Behavior Analyst Certification Board.

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