Analyzing Sources of Bias

Tuesday, 1 Nov 2022 by Carlos A. Zuluaga, MS, BCBA
From the moment we are born, we start interacting with our environment.

Framing Trauma: How do we apply behavior analysis to a mentalistic term?

Tuesday, 18 Oct 2022 by Kelcie McCafferty
A Perspective on Relational Frame Theory and Trauma Talks on Trauma Trigger Warning: talks about traumatic experiences 

How Can We Improve Our Dissemination Skills in Behavior Analysis?

Friday, 30 Sep 2022 by Megan Galban
To individuals who are unfamiliar with or are not fluent in behavior-analytic terminology, the language can seem displeasing and off-putting. Many technical terms used in the science have a very different meaning than their everyday use and may even have a negative connotation.

Has Behavior Analysis Developed Tunnel Vision?

Wednesday, 7 Sep 2022 by Whitney Chaney
Behavior analysis is a field that was developed by trying to understand how and why the world behaves as it does.

How Do Ethics Apply to OBM

Tuesday, 23 Aug 2022 by Maddie Duke
Over the past year or so, the Journal of Organizational Behavior Management (JOBM) has published discussion articles revolving aroun

What Makes Someone Wise?

Tuesday, 26 Jul 2022 by Guest Blogger
What makes someone wise? That’s a loaded question. Everyone has a different conception; however, you hear the word, and immediately classic images come to mind.

What Can You Expect from ABA Services?

Friday, 8 Jul 2022 by Megan Galban
It can be overwhelming for a family when their child receives behavioral services for the first time. In the beginning, much is unknown, and it’s going to take some adjustment. Now imagine this situation: your child has just been diagnosed with autism or another behavioral deficit, and you’re provided with a list…

Antecedents Have Last Names

In the latter years of his life, Dr. Jose Martinez, the founder of ABA Technologies. Inc., and the driving force behind the creation of the School of Behavior Analysis at Florida Tech, was heard to utter the title of this blog in every one of his presentations relating to the influence of antecedent conditions on…

Looking for a Career as a Registered Behavior Technician (RBT)?

Wednesday, 20 Apr 2022 by ABA Technologies
What is a Registered Behavior Technician (RBT)? They are individuals with specific training in behavior analysis (training based on the RBT® Task List).

Invest in the Rest

Wednesday, 23 Mar 2022 by Ryan Walz
The Great Resignation has presented unprecedented change and challenges in nearly every sector of the workforce. It may seem daunting, but during this period of disruption, leaders have a unique opportunity to invest in their existing employees, capitalize on their company’s cultural strengths, and foster growth.

A Step in the Right Direction

Tuesday, 22 Feb 2022 by Guest Blogger
Guest Blogger: Frances Torres