Alicia Norris

Chief Financial Officer

Alicia Norris is Chief Financial Officer at ABA Technologies, Inc. As a member of ABA Technologies’ executive team, Alicia manages daily operations and leads the implementation of organizational policies. She also works closely with other team members developing strategic goals and initiatives to increase overall profitability. Prior to her CFO position, Alicia’s role was executive assistant to the CEO and product development specialist, where she oversaw the careful and timely execution of multiple projects. Throughout her career, Alicia has focused on optimizing business operations with skilled problem solving while always attending to customers’ needs to identify creative and cost-effective solutions.

Alicia is a graduate of the University of Central Florida with a degree in Business Administration. Alicia plans to pursue a Ph.D. in Strategic Planning and Financial Management. Outside of ABA Technologies, Alicia enjoys being with her family and two boys. She also loves being outdoors, traveling, and riding horses in the discipline of dressage.