Our Mission

Disseminate the science and technology of behavior analysis worldwide through education, training, consultation, and product development.

Our Mission

We are experts in the science of learning, pioneers in developing and delivering online professional and continuing education for practitioners of behavior analysis.

Our programs marry effective instructional design, organizational behavior management, and professional development with the science of behavior to deliver highly engaging learning experiences, offered through innovative technologies. We strive to bring an unparalleled educational experience to every customer. Our products are continually recognized, both nationally and internationally, as pillars of excellence for training behavior analysts. With decades of experience, we strive to offer a one-of-a-kind opportunity for all users and build partnerships to move behavior science forward.

Our relentless effort to bring the science of behavior to the world began in 1992 with the founding of ABA Technologies, Inc. by Dr. Jose Martinez-Diaz. Since that time, the company has grown into a dynamic team of the field’s leading experts who train and disseminate behavior analysis broadly.

We are an organization dedicated to…

  • Disseminating the science of learning worldwide.
  • Customizing experiences for our customers’ professional development needs.
  • Providing world-class professional development.
Global Dissemination of BA

Improving Lives Through the Science of Behavior.

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