CSF Experiance

Concentrated Supervised Fieldwork (CSF) embeds the concepts, principles, technologies, techniques, and theoretical framework learned during a student’s tenure at Florida Tech, which are practiced in education, clinical, and community settings. Students are asked to demonstrate the skills needed by behavior analysts in applied settings as set forth by, both, Florida Tech Behavior Analysis Program and the Behavior Analysis Certification Board (BACB).
CSF consists of six semesters of classes; each class consists of a mixture of individual meetings, group meetings, in-vivo observation, and training in applied settings. Faculty, adjunct faculty, and site supervisors provide individual supervision for students in CSF. Students are expected to complete a minimum of 200 hours (15-20 hours/week) of behavior analytic training during each semester of CSF. Accumulating hours involves a mixture of on-site training and experience from lab meetings and research related to the School of Behavior Analysis(SOBA).

ABA Technologies CSF Application

CSF Application Spring 2024

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As of Fall 2022, ABA Technologies, Inc. only accepts practicum applications and placements from students of the Melbourne Campus of Florida Tech. If you or your university program are interested in adding ABA Technologies, Inc. to your list of approved university practicum sites, please contact

Types of Project Experiences

Process Improvement iconProduct Development IconDissemination iconConsumer Behavior Analysis iconSelf Management Icon

What experiences can I get?

  • ABA Technologies offers CSF as a fully remote position and provides a variety of real-world job experiences by working with different departments, providing recommendations, implementing changes, and creating advanced behavior analytical content. CSF Student Interns have the ability to tailor their projects and experiences to their personal and professional interests and goals. Individual meetings occur weekly and the CSF students will review their projects, create project timelines, receive feedback, and set personal and professional goals. Group meetings occur weekly, and CSF Students are able to get together to present their projects, ask questions, and receive/give feedback to each other, as well as collaborate on projects.
  • Outside of CSF-specific projects, Student Interns at ABA Technologies will meet and learn from professionals in the fields that they are interested in pursuing. All SOBA CSF competencies are embedded into projects that students will lead and contribute to. Students will also build fluency with the task list by identifying related task list items to the current project(s) they are working on.







Sample Projects

Below is a list of current and previous CSF projects that provide experience with process improvement, dissemination, product development, and more. This list is not an all-inclusive of CSF projects. For more information on CSF experiences gained at ABA tech, contact


Ongoing Projects
Self- & Time-Management

Client Name: Students

Project Lead: Shauna Costello

Project Contributor(s): All IPT/CSF Students

Time frame: Ongoing

  • ABA Technologies offers a 100% remote experience, but working remotely comes with its challenges while juggling a full class load, research, and a part-time job. A main goal of supervision at ABA Technologies is to learn how to manage your time and also your goals. All methods are individualized to each student and their life, experience, and goals. (G-20)
  • Activities list:
    • Students start by defining the behaviors that they are interested in (C-1, F-3),
    • While determining their goals and stating them in observable and measurable terms (H-1),
    • Measuring baseline behavior, methods vary depending on behavior (C-2, C-3, C-4, C-5, C-6) and appropriately displaying measured behavior, methods vary depending on behavior (C-9, C-10), and interpreting baseline data (C-11),
    • Identify behaviors to change adn contingencies that are maintaining those behaviors (B, F-3, F-6),
    • Students will select and implement self-management strategies (G), while taking data (C-2, C-3, C-4, C-5, C-6, H-6), and planning for unwanted effects (H-5),
    • Establishing performance expectations for themselves as well as how their supervisor can assist them (G, H-9, I-2, I-3, I-5, I-7),
    • Students will continuously monitor their progress and, depending on needs, collaborate with their supervisor or others to be successful (H-9, G-22)
Test Prep Development

Client Name: ABA Technologies Inc.

Project Lead: Abigail Petronelli

Project Contributor(s): Megan Galban, Victoria German, Vincent Bello, Sean Will, Sebastian Jimenez, Whitney Chaney, Kelcie McCafferty, Maddie Duke

Time frame: Ongoing Project

  • The goal of this project is to update the test prep packet offered by ABA Tech as preparation for the BCBA® exam from the 4th edition standards to the 5th edition standards. The first phase of the project involved reviewing the current content in the course offerings provided by ABA Tech for the 4th edition standards. Content gathered from course offerings was then compared to the 5th edition standards to identify content that was still relevant and content that would need to be created. During the second phase, relevant content was organized by the task list item that it was related to and edited, if necessary, to more closely match the task list item. The third phase involved writing new questions for the items in the 5th edition task list that required additional content. Once the new questions were written and organized, feedback for correct and incorrect answers was created for each question. This process has been restarted for the 6th edition Task List being released in 2025.
  • Activities list:
    • Stakeholder/Client meeting & needs assessment (F-1, H-9)
    • Writing task list specific questions (entire task list)
    • Providing feedback (I-5)
    • Implementing feedback (I-5)
    • Creating graphs (C-10)
  • Project participants were exposed to items from each section of the BACB® Task List (5th ed.) and were expected to identify questions that related to each task list item, generate new questions that related to the task list, and write feedback for questions all based on the empirical literature for behavior analysis. Participants were asked to meet with key stakeholders to determine needs, meet needs, and receive and implement feedback.
Blog Writing

Client Name: ABA Technologies Inc.

Project Lead: Shauna Costello

Project Contributor(s): Evelyn Kendall, Abigail Petronelli, Ellee Chin, Vincent Bello, Victoria German, Sebastian Jimenez, Megan Galban, Whitney Chaney, Kelcie McCafferty, Maddie Duke

Time frame: Ongoing project

  • The goal of this project is to communicate and collaborate with professionals in behavior analysis and related fields by disseminating the science of behavior to consumers and the general public. Project contributors are encouraged to look for topics in the fields of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and Organizational Behavior Management (OBM) that interest them and to write blogs that communicate the topic effectively in non-academic or laymens terms. It is imperative that students gain the skills necessary to speak to a non-behavior analytic audience, as it is part of our experience standards, ethical code, and also the main mission of ABA Technologies.
  • Activities List:
    • Researching behavior analytic literature (F-1)
    • Writing and revising blogs related to behavior science and practice (A-5, B-5, I-5)
    • Collaborating with professionals of similar and related fields (H-9)
    • Previous blog posts have contained topics related to several sections of the BACB® Task List (5th ed.) sections A, B, C, E and F
CSF Projects for Website

Client Name: ABA Technologies CSF Group

Project Lead: Sebastian Jimenez and Megan Galban

Project Contributor(s): Victoria German

Time frame: Dec 2021 - present

  • The goal of this project is to update the CSF page on the ABA Technologies website to demonstrate how the past and current projects of CSF students relate to the BACB® Task List (5th ed.). By continuously referencing the task list, project contributors become more fluent in identifying how their activities and projects are behavior analytic in nature and providing a rationale.
  • Project activities included identifying past and present projects that were initiated or supported by CSF students. Projects were described in terms of their relevant activities, the general steps required to complete the project, and the project goals. The goal of this project is to generate a living document that tracks current projects.
  • Activities List:
    • Compiling the list of previously completed projects and ongoing projects (F-1)
    • Reviewing the task list and identifying corresponding task list items to the activities conducted
Podcast Development

Client Name: ABA Technologies, Inc.

Project Lead: Maddie Duke, Kelcie McCafferty  

Past Project Leads: Victoria German, Megan Galban

Project Contributor(s): Sebastian Jimenez, Abigail Petronelli

Time frame: Summer 2021 - present

  • The goal of this project was to disseminate applications of behavior-analytic practices to listeners of ABA Technologies’ “Operant Innovations” podcast (A-5, E-1, E-6). 
  • Some topics were Esports, consulting at Alula, instructional design, OBM, and supervision.
  • The students on the project recruited, coordinated with, and interviewed professionals outside of the field of behavior analysis (E-4). 
  • The students on the project also recruited and interviewed professionals within the field of behavior analysis to disseminate information (E-6)
Company Blog Process

Client Name: ABA Technologies

Project Lead: Victoria German

Project Contributor(s): Kelcie McCafferty

Time Frame: Fall 2021-Present

  • The goal of this project was to evaluate the present process for blog post submission to identify a new process to involve more staff across departments in blog writing contributions. 
  • Activity List:
    • Consulted with the marketing team to pinpoint relevant goals and identify the current process (F-1, H-1).
    • Collaborating with company leadership to foster value-building in the company for blog writing (H-9).
    • Developing a training for company-wide distribution to employees (I-2).
Self-Talk Training

Client Name: ABA Technologies

Project Lead: Kelcie McCafferty and Maddie Duke

Project Contributor(s): Kelcie McCafferty, Maddie Duke, Whitney Chaney

Time frame: February 2022 - Present

  • Goal of this project is to develop a self-guided training program to primarily address negative self-talk with CSF students. Future goals include presenting the project to the instructional design team as a product for others to use. 
  • Task List Items:
    • Describe and explain behavior from the perspective of radical behaviorism by applying behavioral perspectives to traditionally mentalistic concepts. (A3)
    • Define and provide examples of behavior, response, and response class (B1)
    • Define and provide examples of respondent and operant conditioning. (B3)
    • Define and provide examples of discrimination, generalization, and maintenance (B7).
    • Define and provide examples of stimulus control. (B10).
    • Establish operational definitions of behavior (C-1).
    • Distinguish among direct, indirect, and product measures of behavior (C-2).
    • Measure temporal dimensions of behavior (C-4)
    • Select measurement system to obtain representative data given the dimensions of behavior and the logistics of observing and recording (C-9).
    • Interpret graphed data (C-11).
    • Determine the need for behavior-analytic services (F-2).
    • Identify and prioritize socially significant behavior-change goals (F-3).
    • State intervention goals in observable and measurable terms (H-1).
    • Identify potential interventions based on assessment results and the best available scientific evidence (H-2).
    • When a target behavior is to be decreased, select and acceptable alternative behavior to be established or increased (H-4).
    • Completed a literature review of the common interventions and symptoms of negative-self talk, burnout, and imposter syndrome. (F-1)
    • Completed a survey that will be delivered to students that will identify most common concerns within the group to guide selection of first training to be implemented within the CSF team. (H2)
    • Currently creating guided activities and trainings with surveys to aid selection of most relevant resources and interventions based on individual needs and preference. (H2)
Archive Podcast Series

Client Name: ABA Technologies

Project Lead: Maddie Duke

Project Contributor(s): Kelcie McCafferty, Whitney Chaney

Time frame: June 2022-Present

  • The goal of this project is to evaluate previous CEs to find valuable information that can be reused and disseminated as podcasts to bring in continued revenue to ABA Tech and provide educational resources from prominent members of the field.
  • Activities:
    • Reviewing previous CEs to evaluate relevance based on the most current research (E-2, E-3, E-6, F-1, H-2)
    • Writing, reviewing, and/ or updating active student responding questions (A-3, Section B, F-1, E-6, E-4)
    • Preparing materials for publication and dissemination (E-6, F-1, F-3, H-8)
Completed Projects
CE Market Research

Client Name: ABA Technologies, Inc. (sometimes a specific department)

Project Lead: Victoria German

Project Contributors: Megan Galban

Time frame: Spring 2021-Summer 2021

  • The goal of this project was to identify and research competitor and company metrics such as pricing and cost to produce in order to inform ABA Tech’s pricing, development, and marketing strategy for the CE product line. 
  • Activities list:
    • Students on this project reviewed records and available data (F-1), 
    • Consulted with other providers to the client (E-4, H-9), 
    • Presented key findings and recommendations to stakeholders (E-4). 
    • Project lead used behavioral teaching techniques to guide project contributors in steps in the process (G-5, G-6, G-7) to build independence and skills (I-2, I-4, I-5, I-7, I-8). 
KeyPress Publishing Process

Client Name: KeyPress Publishing

Project Lead: Megan Galban

Project Contributor(s): Whitney Chaney

Time frame: August 2021 - May 2022

  • The goal of this project is to create a detailed process map outlining the current process of how books are published in order to identify an efficient system for the publishing house. This map includes the parties involved, steps involved, timeline, and the order that it takes place, and documents needed for each step.
  • Activities list: 
    • Consult with stakeholders about the current publishing process (E-3, E-4)
    • Create process maps of the current process and make revisions from stakeholder feedback (E-3, E-4, F-4 H-9, I-5)
    • Project lead provides feedback to project contributors (I-5)
HR Contract Process Mapping

Client Name: ABA Technologies, Inc., HR Department

Project Lead: Ellee Chin

Project Contributors: Victoria German

Time frame: Spring 2020

  • Interviewed stakeholders on systems process concerns, created an IS Map outlining the current process for onboarding contractors, and provided ecologically valid solutions to improve the system and minimize disconnects and rework steps.
  • Task List Items:
    • Chose procedures that would be most likely to maintain (G-22)
    • Chose intervention strategies based on client current repertoire and preference (H-3) 
    • Collaborated with stakeholders to better supply clients, such as the contractors, of ABA Technologies (H-9) 

Client Name: Tom Freeman

Project Lead: Megan Galban

Project Contributor(s): Sebastian Jiminez 

Time frame: May 2021 - September 2021

  • The goal of this project was to compile a list of BCBA pass rate data from international and domestic behavior analysis programs to identify the main competitors to Florida Tech’s ABA Online Program (developed and maintained by ABA Tech). The data were used to compare program prices to identify what prices would be a competitive advantage for online programs.
  • Activities:
    • Review large data sets from various schools and previous years (F-1)
    • Create graphs of the data trends (C-9, C-10, C-11)
    • Collaborate with stakeholders about what data needs to be collected (E-3, E-4, H-9)
    • Choose intervention for maintaining accurate and efficient data keeping (H-3, G-22)
Past CSF Students
Jaime Rus Alba, MS, MBA, BCBA

Jaime Rus Alba, MS, MBA, BCBA

ABA/OBM & MBA Student

Head of Clinical Processes @ Reach Aut in Spain


Vincent Bello, MS

Vincent Bello, MS

OBM Student

Associate Consultant @ ALULA


Whitey Chaney

Whitey Chaney
ABA/OBM Student
Test Prep Intern @ ABA Technologies, Inc.

Ellee Chin, MS, BCBA

Ellee Chin, MS, BCBA

ABA/OBM Student

BCBA @ PBS Corp.



Maddie Duke, MS
ABA/OBM Student
Content Development & Analytics Specialist @ ABA Technologies, Inc.

Megan Galban

Megan Galban
ABA/OBM Student
Test Prep & Strategy Intern @ ABA Technologies, Inc.

Victoria German, M.S.

Victoria German, M.S.
ABA/OBM Student
OBM Products & Strategy Intern @ ABA Technologies, Inc.

Sebastian Jimenez, M.S.

Sebastian Jimenez, M.S.
ABA/OBM Student
Content Contributor & Test Prep Intern @ ABA Technologies, Inc.

Evelyn Kendall, MS

Evelyn Kendall, MS

ABA/OBM Student

Instructional Designer @ ABA Technologies, Inc.



Ari Lipton
ABA Student
Finishing Research @ Florida Institute of Technology


Kelcie McCafferty, MS
ABA/OBM Student
Instructional Design Intern @ ABA Technologies, Inc.


Adrian Mendoza
Previous OBM Student (FIT)
Current Information Systems & Operations Management (UF)
Instructional Design & Analytics Intern @ ABA Technologies, Inc.

Jacqueline Noto, M.S. BCBA

Jacqueline Noto, M.S. BCBA

ABA/OBM Student

PhD Candidate in Behavior Analysis @ Florida Institute of Technology


Abigail Petronelli, MS

Abigail Petronelli, MS

OBM Student

Professional Development Specialist @ ABA Technologies, Inc.


Rachel R. Thomas, MS, BCBA

Rachel R. Thomas, MS, BCBA

ABA/OBM Student

PhD Candidate in Applied Behavior Analysis @ Caldwell University


Reggie Seecharan, MS, MBA, LSS-BB

Reggie Seecharan, MS, MBA, LSS-BB

ABA/OBM &; MBA Student

Pathways Operations Manager @ Amazon


Ryan Walz, MS, MBA, LSS-BB

Ryan Walz, MS, MBA, LSS-BB

ABA/OBM & MBA Student

Corporate Strategy Analyst @ ABA Technologies, Inc


Sean Will, MS

Sean Will, MS

ABA/OBM Student

PhD Candidate in Behavior Analysis @ Florida Institute of Technology

Co-Founder &; CEO @ Constructional Approach to Animal Welfare and Training