BBS Essentials®: How to Build a Culture and Practice of Safe Habits

BBS Essentials® Guide for you

BBS Essentials® is a process that provides companies with all the coaching, training, and tools they need to implement a Behavior-Based Safety process at an affordable price. ABA Tech Safety Experts work with your experts to design the details of what your culture and conditions require. That analysis is embedded into the BBS Essentials Guide for you. BBS Essentials provide an internal leader or facilitator the necessary materials and skills to provide your company’s trainers and leaders at each level of your organization with one-on-one coaching and all the tools and skills they need to customize and implement a successful BBS Essentials® process specifically for your business and its unique safety culture. The tools can also be delivered online to incorporate as many people as possible who are asked to champion this process throughout a region or across the company. 

This material can be provided across time zones or operations as needed, whether through a coaching process at company sites or through various workshops and online training methodologies. Included are:

  1. Welcome to BBS Essentials® – Overview of the process
  2. Preparation for BBS Essentials® – Preparing for the design and implementation of BBS Essential®
  3. Assessment – Conducting a brief safety assessment of your organization
  4. Checklist – Developing a custom BBS observation checklist
  5. Observation Process and Procedure – Creating the unique process and procedures for your organization
  6. Recognition and Celebration – Designing plans to acknowledge participation and celebrate accomplishments
  7. Communication – Creating tools to introduce the process and keep leadership and staff informed
  8. Observation and Conversation Skills – Training others about the process and how to coach effective Observation and Conversation skills
  9. Leadership – Engaging leadership by identifying the specific support and involvement behaviors that will accelerate and sustain the process
  10. Safety Team – Preparing your safety team to successfully manage the process
  11. Maintenance – Keeping BBS Essentials® fresh over the long term

Because ABA Technologies Safety Division values your company’s success, you will not only receive all the training and tools you need to design and implement the process but will also receive additional support critical to the successful implementation of the BBS Essentials® Behavior-Based Safety, including:

  • Pre-workshop assistance to ensure your Internal Facilitator comes to the workshop ready to start planning
  • All the materials your organization needs to design and implement BBS Essentials 
  • A BBS Essentials® Guide detailing the final process for your organization
  • Eight hours of one-on-one telephone coaching during the design and implementation of the BBS Essentials® process
  • An end-of-intervention evaluation of practices to assess the impact and sustainability of skill transfer that becomes “just the way we work around here.” 
  • A report will allow leadership and managers involved in the process to identify what they might need to do to sustain the core learnings from this investment. 



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