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Now What?

A Behavior Analyst's First-Year Survival Guide

Now What? combines practical advice with a candid review of the author’s early years as a behavior analyst (flubs included) in hopes that you don’t feel alone in your missteps, misgivings, and general newness. Written in everyday language, the book is filled with skill-building exercises, activities for unwinding, reusable tools, and opportunities to reflect on your own experiences as they happen.

Being a new behavior analyst can feel downright overwhelming. You completed your coursework, field experience, and certification, but now what? There are things that you just don’t learn in courses or fieldwork, but you need to know to function as a behavior analyst (and human). 

This survival guide walks you through

  • How insurance funding works 
  • What to document and when 
  • Collaborating with other service professionals 
  • Dealing with conflict 
  • Improving your “bedside” communication 
  • Recognizing and managing burnout and feelings of imposter syndrome 
  • Squeezing all that and more into a schedule 
  • What to do when you inevitably don’t know what to do 
  • And more! 
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The chapters are made of a mix of content, personal stories, and activities to help you apply and unwind after a long day of behavior-analyzing

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These early days will feel jam-packed from start to end, yet they’ll be over in the blink of an eye. Stop and take a few moments to respond to these questions to capture and reflect on the feelings of your early journey in the field.

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About the Author: 

Mariah Avery’s passion for behavior analysis began when her son was prescribed ABA therapy, and she could not find any available services within a three-state radius of their home. She completed her MA in Applied Behavior Analysis from Ball State University in 2017 and has since worked in home care, clinics, and schools in Florida and Georgia.

This book is exactly what I would have wanted as a brand new analyst. In my first year of practice I had to learn many things by myself including how to give and receive feedback and how to navigate the world of education. The book is filled with funny anecdotes that I can relate to which makes it so much more enjoyable to read. I also really like the worksheets and the explanations for problem solving that are given. This book is a perfect example of what is missing in the education of behavior analysts and I will be recommending it to all aspiring analysts going forward. 

Timothy Lolley

Now What? A Behavior Analyst's First-Year Survival Guide" offers a comprehensive roadmap for new practitioners entering the field of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). Focused on practical strategies and insights, this book equips individuals with valuable resources to navigate the complexities of ABA across diverse settings. The book is organized into fourteen chapters, each addressing different aspects of the ABA profession. From scheduling and data management to communication skills and addressing burnout, the text covers a wide range of topics essential for success in this field. Each chapter is structured logically and includes fun, thought provoking, and engaging activities, making it easy for readers to follow and apply the concepts discussed. Additionally, the inclusion of examples, such as methods for data collection, treatment plans, and strategies for resolving conflicts, enhances the book's practical utility. A highlight of this book is its emphasis on real-world scenarios and practical solutions. Drawing from personal experiences, the author provides actionable advice that readers can readily apply in their practice. Additionally, the provision of activity answer keys and an ABA acronym glossary enhances the book's utility as a reference guide. Another strength of "Now What? A Behavior Analysts First-Year Survival Guide" is its accessibility. Complex concepts are presented in a clear and understandable manner, catering to professionals new to the field of ABA. The author's conversational tone and engaging writing style contribute to making the book an enjoyable read.  In conclusion, "Now What? A Behavior Analysts First-Year Survival Guide" is an indispensable resource for new professionals working in Applied Behavior Analysis. With its practical advice, real-world examples, and accessible writing style, this book is sure to become a go-to reference for anyone seeking to excel in the field of ABA.

Jamie Duncan-Chapman MS, BCBA