The Science of Behavior

Behavior is all of what people do, say, think, and feel. The science of behavior studies how people interact with their world, including other people, places, and experiences.

The Science of Behavior

All people make contact with behavior, both their own and that of others. Behavior analysis, the science of human behavior, deeply informs how we productively approach our lives, work, and relationships. With a focus on socially significant behavior or meaningful actions, behavior analysis addresses a myriad of areas affecting people's everyday lives, including learning to be:

  • Ethical citizens caring for people and their environments
  • Creative problem solvers finding solutions to novel problems
  • Effective decision makers given difficult situations
  • Successful parents and educators of children and adults
  • Leaders that empower and inspire people and organizations

Behavior analysis is a natural science that relies on the direct observation and repeated measurement of behavior rather than statistical analysis and inference, such as that as found in social sciences (e.g., psychology). As we learn, our behavior changes. Therefore, behavior analysis is the science of learning. Practitioners of the science identify factors that reliably influence one’s behavior to understand the mechanisms of change. This attention to an individual’s own context helps people and groups develop new and effective skills, while sustaining and improving behavior already successful in a chosen area of interest.

ABA Technologies, Inc. encompasses a team of skilled practitioners, teachers, and lifelong learners of the science of human behavior.

Improving Lives Through the Science of Behavior.

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