OBM Specialist Certificate

The Level 1 Certificate for OBM Specialist 

The SPACE Model

After completion, students will be able to identify a business opportunity in their workplace better, define an OBM project that targets the opportunity, gather a project team and gain ongoing organizational support for the project, and navigate the project to completion by following the OBM SPACE Model (scope, pinpoint, assess, change, embed). It may be compared to Six Sigma’s DMAIC, as it provides individuals and their project teams with a shared framework, set of tools, process, and language to help project teams navigate the application of an OBM project to completion in a way that is understood and supported by organizational stakeholders. Students will receive a fillable PDF toolkit based on the SPACE model in this course.


    The Course Content

    The course content is split into sections called “Modules.” The Moodle course has five main modules, each dedicated to a different phase of the SPACE model for applying OBM.

    Course Completion

    To complete the course and receive the OBM Certificate, students must:

    • Complete reading, videos, assignments, and discussion questions in each module
    • Spend an estimated 2.5 - 4.5 hours per module

    Who is the OBM Certificate Series For?

    This program is designed for anyone- including behavior analysts (with or without prior training in OBM) and individuals with no formal training in behavior analysis. We highly recommend the OBM Certificate series to anyone interested in gaining education and experience in OBM, whether they want to apply it in their current professional role or transition into an OBM-related role.  

    Many students who complete the program work in clinical applications in the ABA field. The program gives students exposure to and experience applying OBM methods and tools. They will finish the first course with a better understanding of how to use OBM in the form of a project, from identifying a business opportunity to making lasting improvements in an organization. They will finish the second course with experience actually applying it in their organization, with coaching from an OBM instructor and a small group of classmates. Many students have applied this in their clinical ABA jobs to improve intervention integrity, onboarding, supervision, training processes, billing processes, staff/client scheduling, etc. 

    This program is also an excellent option for individuals who want to apply OBM as a consultant, assisting external clients with organizational improvements. We have had students who completed the program for this same reason and are incorporating the tools and model covered in the course to enhance their work as a consultant.

    What type of jobs do OBM professionals have?

    People with OBM training and experience hold a variety of OBM-oriented jobs. Here are just some examples of titles:

    • Leadership Development Manager 
    • Continuous improvement consultant
    • Organizational Development Practitioner
    • Manager of Learning and Development
    • Manager of Operational Excellence 
    • Consultant/Senior Consultant 
    • Director of Change Management and Communication
    • Director of Global Learning 
    • Director of Safety Solutions 
    • Director of Talent Development

    OBM Certificate Frequently Asked Questions

    Important Note

    In our efforts to disseminate OBM, we have designed this course to be more friendly to individuals who do not have formal training in behavior analysis. The Foundations module is strongly recommended for students who do not have formal training in behavior analysis. Much of the content in this module will be a review of basic concepts for individuals already formally trained in behavior analysis, so the content in this module does not count toward the BACB CEU calculation and it is optional.

    Questions About the OBM Specialist Certificate?


    Special Pricing: $895  $650

     21 BACB Learning CEUs, 3 of which may be used as Supervision CEUs

    Student Toolkit: This program comes with a fillable PDF toolkit that includes content and tools that follow our SPACE (Scope, Pinpoint, Assess, Change, Embed) Model for applying OBM.


    Allison King, PhD, BCBA; Ryan Curran, MS, BCBA


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    Student Reviews 

    Stacey says: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
    I like the module/phase chunking of the course, the recordings, and the interactive question-answer practice. The instructors were enjoyable to listen to, professional, and knowledgeable. I loved Jose's comments at the end, and the tribute to Jose was beautifully done. 

    Ashley says: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
    I really enjoyed the interactive case study. I felt that it was incredibly helpful to get some (synthesized) real-life experience. The format and progression of the phases made a lot of sense and built on the previous one to make a very cohesive class.

    Kelley says: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
    I like the pace, the activities, format, and mixture of drag and drop and videos. LOVE the  Cuisine example. I like the different voices. 

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