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Mock Exam B is our newest Mock Exam created to give students an additional self-assessment option. Like Mock A, Mock Exam B is a full-length mock exam that matches the exam blueprint of the BACB® certification exam (i.e., it contains the same number of questions per content area as the certification exam). All questions are expertly written and reviewed via item analysis regularly to ensure item quality. Detailed score reports and item-specific feedback make ABA Tech BOOST mock exams ideal assessment and study tools for those preparing for the behavior analysis certification exams.
2 Months


  • One full-length (175 questions) Mock Exam designed to test all 5th Edition BACB® Task List content areas.

  • Designed to match the content area blueprint of the BACB certification exam.

  • May be taken once in one or multiple sittings, timed or untimed.

  • Provides an overall score as a baseline measure of performance.

  • Provides automatically generated content area scores (no hand counting required) to pinpoint areas of strength and weakness.

  • Question-specific feedback acts as a learning tool, breaking questions down so you understand why the correct answer is correct and why the distractors are wrong.

  • Exam and feedback are available for two months from the time of purchase.

Disclaimer: BOOST ABA Exam Prep products and services are offered independently of the BACB®. BOOST staff represent ABA Technologies, Inc. and are not affiliated with the BACB®


4.50 (2 verified customers)

Amie F.

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Questions seemed similar to the format of the actual exam, the explanations for the answers really helped and were in depth. I took both mock exam A and B and studied the explanations in few weeks leading up to my exam and that also helped my confidence because I passed the mock exams.

Amie F.

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I took both the Mock A and Mock B and the feedback on missed questions was invaluable! I love how closely the Mocks were to the actual exam. When I took exam, I felt like I was taking another mock! I HIGHLY recommend both Mock A & B!
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