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OBM Specialist Certificate

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17 hours, 30 minutes
21.0 BACB, 3 of which may be used as Supervision CEUs


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Welcome to the course! You'll discover that the course content is divided into modules that focus on different stages of the OBM SPACE, such as ScopePinpointAssessChange, and Embed. All five modules will be at your disposal once you register. You can take the course at your own pace, but you must fulfill all course requirements within 115 days of registering. Upon completion of the course, you'll be equipped to recognize business opportunities and their respective metrics, elaborate on OBM projects associated with those opportunities, assemble an appropriate project team and supportive stakeholders, follow the OBM SPACE Model to navigate a project to completion, and achieve lasting improvements in results linked to the business opportunity.


5.00 (1 verified customer)


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Embed and the Sustainability Checklist was of the most value for me. I loved seeing Jose Martinez Diaz in the rocket ship as I was on a panel with him, and over the years engaged in many smiles with him. I have never self-paced a college course before, so it allowed me to learn best in my own personal way. The interactive components in the modules were outstanding. I wish there was even more of those.

Jacob Zelten

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I loved all the resources given. I thought they were great and will use them in my current position. I liked that the main course material could be completed at my own pace as I have a full-time job and a family. I often completed items on the weekend or late evenings.

Jacob Zelten

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I enjoyed the course layout and the variety of ways the information was presented. It was good to have exemplars from different industries. The modules were easy to access and see what was completed and what was yet to be completed. I greatly appreciated the length of time given to complete all of the material.
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