Our exam readiness tools will support your preparation and study for the BACB exam. With guided reviews and mock exams, learn more about your strengths and weakness well before test day.

The New Automated Guided Review

Cost: $129
Access: 6 months from time of registration

Prepare for the BACB®'s certification exam with the Automated Guided Review. Students who purchase the Automated Guided Review will get access to two mock exams. After taking the first mock exam, you will receive instant, individualized feedback tailored to your performance on each question and content area. You will also receive videos covering content areas that you scored poorly in, as well as study guidelines and tips to follow prior to taking the second mock exam. After taking the second mock exam, you will receive feedback on your performance in each content area. You will get six months’ access so that you can prepare at your own pace.

Mock Exams A & C are included in this Automated Guided Review

Mock Exams

Cost: $59
Access: 2 weeks from time of registration

Our mock exams allow individuals to gauge their strengths and weaknesses in each content area of the BACB®'s Fourth Edition Task List.

You will be given access to one online mock exam that closely aligns with the description, guidelines and outline of the real BACB certification exam. The mock exam has 161 questions that demonstrate a skillful balance of task list items across all content areas, while incorporating ethical considerations. Students are encouraged to complete the exam in one sitting, as they would the actual exam.

Once the mock exam is completed, a score report will be issued to you. It will include your total score and a percentage breakdown by each of the 13 content areas to allow you to gauge your strengths and weaknesses by content areas.

Additional versions of the mock exam are sold separately.