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BOOST Mock Exams are the ultimate solution designed to elevate your readiness and ensure success on exam day. 

BOOST ABA Exam Prep offers two unique mock exams for individual purchase: Mock Exam A and Mock Exam B. Both mock exams are full-length (175-question) exams designed to approximate the behavior analyst certification exam. All questions are written following proper test writing rules by content and test writing experts and undergo continuous review to ensure quality. With overall and content area scores and detailed question-specific feedback, our exams help you assess your current knowledge level and improve your future score.

Key Mock Exam Features
Full-Length Exam

Full length exam

Our mock exam comprises 175 questions meticulously crafted to cover all content areas specified in the 5th Edition BCBA® Task List. Prepare yourself thoroughly by simulating the actual exam experience. 

Aligned with Content Blueprint

Content blueprint

BOOST Mock Exams are strategically designed to match the content area blueprint of the BACB® certification exam, ensuring that you're fully prepared for every aspect of the test. 

High-Quality Exam Content

Created by experts

BOOST Mock Exams are written by experts in test construction, teaching, and behavior analysis. All items go through an ongoing evaluation process to ensure quality exams. 

Flexible Testing Options

Testing options

Take the mock exam at your own pace, whether in one sitting or multiple sessions. 

Comprehensive Scoring

Comprehensive scoringReceive an overall score upon completion of the mock exam, providing you with a baseline measure of your performance. Additionally, our system automatically generates content area scores, eliminating the need for manual counting and pinpointing specific areas of strength and weakness.

Detailed Feedback

Detailed feedbackGain invaluable insights with question-specific feedback that serves as a powerful learning tool. Understand the rationale behind each correct answer and why the distractors are incorrect, empowering you to refine your knowledge and test-taking skills. 


AccessUpon purchase, you'll have access to the exam and feedback for a period of two months, allowing ample time for thorough review and practice. 

Who Can Benefit? 

BOOST Mock Exam is tailored for individuals preparing for the BACB® certification exam, including aspiring behavior analysts and professionals seeking to enhance their credentials in the field. Whether you're a student, practitioner, or educator, our mock exam offers the comprehensive preparation you need to succeed. 

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FREE BOOST Petite Mock Exam

This 10-question "Petite" Mock Exam will give you a taste of what you can expect from BOOST Mock Exam products. This sample provides at least one question per content area, overall score, and detailed question-specific feedback upon completion.



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