The New Values-Based Safety

Using Behavioral Science to Improve Your Safety Culture

Behavioral safety expert, Terry McSween, teams up with trusted learning adviser, Adam Hockman, to bring you The New Values-Based Safety, an essential reference for leaders and safety professionals in any industry. The authors expand on McSween’s original works on Values-Based Safety, an approach to behavior-based safety grounded in aligning organizational behaviors with a clearly defined set of organizational values such as honesty, respect, and concern for the well-being of everyone. Written in understandable language, the book guides you through: 

  • NEW! Two new chapters on laying the cultural and leadership foundation for any safety improvement effort  
  • Implementing a Values-Based Safety process from design to execution and maintenance 
  • Special considerations for small companies and industries where employees work in isolation 
  • The behavioral science behind it all 
  • Real-world case studies 

Throughout it all, the authors underscore the importance of creating a culture of caring and concern to support employee well-being along with the company’s bottom line.  

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Considered the best “how-to” book on safety improvement and creating a safety culture.

About the Authors: 

Terry McSween Headshot


Terry McSween, PhD, is an internationally recognized expert in behavioral safety. He was the CEO and cofounder of Quality Safety Edge, a company that helped organizations improve safety and leadership through behavioral psychology. Dr. McSween is the author of myriad publications and research articles on behavioral safety and has received numerous awards for his work.



Adam Hockman Headshot


Adam Hockman applies behavioral and implementation science in corporate learning, occupational safety, education, healthcare, and the performing arts. He is Chief Learning Architect at ABA Technologies, Inc., where he helps clients build systems to improve employee experience, performance, and safety. He has received awards and grants for his research and dissemination efforts in behavior science. 


I unequivocally recommend this book as the most successful and practical safety book available. It is not just a safety book; it's a transformative tool that has shaped the landscape of organizational change efforts for the past 3 decades. The new edition will have a lasting impact on how leaders go about creating and sustaining their safety cultures.

Julie M. Smith, PhD, CEO, Performance Ally 

In the safety field it is rare to find well-written books with straightforward, practical, and effective guidelines for developing companywide action plans. This is one of those books. Read it carefully. It will help you make a beneficial difference in your organization.

E. Scott Geller, PhD, on the first and second editions of The Values-Based Safety Process