Deliberate Coaching

Optimizing Teaching and Learning Through Behavior Science: Education Edition

Deliberate Coaching transforms schools by applying behavioral science to significantly enhance teacher effectiveness and student achievement. Distinct from traditional coaching guides, this book delivers a science-based approach for those seeking lasting, positive change, addressing the inefficacy of conventional training and performance-improvement methods and offering efficient alternatives that can be applied quickly and easily. Deliberate Coaching offers clarification on the proper use and everyday role of behavioral consequences, systems, and reinforcement, advocating for a precise, purposeful, and systematic coaching strategy.

Utilizing behavioral science, specifically applied behavior analysis (ABA), Deliberate Coaching equips educational leaders and those supporting school improvement in any capacity with actionable strategies to transition from reactive to proactive strategies, improve instructional practices, and achieve school improvement goals effectively and efficiently. It emphasizes starting with small, goal-directed, and strategic steps to create substantial, measurable improvements in teaching quality and student performance. 

Deliberate Coaching offers more than theoretical insights; it provides a practical framework for real-world application, ensuring professional development efforts, school improvement plans, and performance-improvement approaches lead to significant, sustainable, and replicable outcomes. It’s an essential tool for anyone committed to advancing educational excellence and fostering a culture of continuous improvement and success in schools through the principles of behavioral science. 

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Deliberate Coaching elevates schools by empowering educational leaders with behavioral science to dramatically boost instructional quality and accelerate student achievement. 

About the Authors: 

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Dr. Paul Gavoni and Dr. Nicholas Weatherly combine their expertise in applied behavior analysis to foster systemic improvements in education and organizational settings. Gavoni’s vast experience across various sectors enriches his approach to enhancing performance and behavior, while Weatherly’s extensive work globally in the areas of safety, leadership development, and culture change underpins his strategies for operational excellence. Together, their work encapsulates a commitment to applying behavioral science principles for systemic improvement, embodying a powerful blend of science, leadership, and practical application.