University and Organizational Partnerships with ABA Technologies


For over 15 years, ABA Technologies has forged impactful partnerships with universities and organizations, providing unparalleled instructional content, expert instruction, and comprehensive test preparation resources. Our unwavering goal is to empower faculty and supervisors to achieve their program objectives through a range of tailored solutions, including off-the-shelf products and fully customized  services.

University & Organizational Partnerships


Unlock Special Benefits for Groups:

  • Group Discounts: Enjoy exclusive discounts on off-the-shelf products, Mock Exams, and ABA Pro Builder for universities, organizations, or supervisors with groups of students. Strengthen your team's preparation while maximizing savings.

Enhance Student Learning with Private Cohorts:

  • Private Cohorts: Seamlessly group your students into single courses and monitor their performance with private cohorts of Mock Exam and ABA Pro Builder. Customize the visual experience with university or organizational branding for a cohesive learning environment.

Integrate Easily into Your Curriculum:

  • Embedding into University Courses: Our team of BCBAs not only excels in behavior analysis education but also understands university systems inside out. Let us help you seamlessly integrate our test prep products or custom components into your university course(s) or practicum sequence for enhanced learning outcomes.

Tailored Solutions for Program Success:

  • Customized Testing: Tailor-made mock exams, final program exams, and review courses crafted to align perfectly with your program goals, ensuring optimal student preparation and success.
  • Program Consultation: Collaborate with our experts in behavior analysis, instructional design, and technology to evaluate student strengths and weaknesses and identify program needs. Together, we'll develop a strategic plan to meet and exceed your goals.
  • Additional Services: Discover a wide array of tailor-made services designed to meet the unique goals of your program or organization. Contact us today to learn more about our bespoke solutions and begin the journey toward transformative outcomes.

See how to integrate ABA Pro Builder into your curriculum

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At ABA Technologies BOOST, we're committed to driving excellence in education through strategic partnerships and innovative solutions. Let's work together to elevate your program to new heights of success.

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Kristin Myers-Kemp