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Take your ABA knowledge to the next level and enter the ABA certification exam with confidence. Our next evolution of Mock 10, ABA Pro Builder is a comprehensive study package meticulously crafted by experts with your success in mind.

At BOOST Exam Prep, we understand the challenges students face when preparing for the ABA certification exam. That's why we've developed a study package that's tailored to meet your needs, packed with all the essential tools and resources you need to build and strengthen your ABA knowledge.

BA Pro Builder is specifically designed for those studying for certification at the behavior analyst level (e.g., BCBA®, QBA), but will also challenge those studying for assistant level certification (E.g. BCaBA®)

Included in ABA Pro Builder
Pro Pre-test Full-length Mock Exam 1

Pre Test

Get a comprehensive assessment of your current knowledge and exam readiness with our full-length mock exam. This diagnostic tool sets the stage for your study journey, providing valuable insights into your strengths and areas for improvement.

Nine Content Area Pro Pack Modules

9 pro packs

Dive deep into each content area covered in the BCBA® exam with our meticulously curated modules. Each module includes:

  • Digital key term SAFMEDS and key term quizzes to reinforce your understanding of essential concepts.
  • Ten content area petite mock exams with detailed feedback to gauge your progress and mastery (that's 90 petite mocks total!).
  • EZ Study Sheets and recommended readings to streamline your study process and focus on the most relevant materials.
Roulette-style Content Area Mixed Practice

Roulette style

Put your knowledge to the test with our unique roulette-style mixed practice sessions. With 920 questions accompanied by detailed feedback, you'll sharpen your skills and tackle any question that comes your way on exam day.

Pro Post-test Full-length Mock Exam 1 with Feedback

Post test

After completing your study journey, assess your progress and readiness with another full-length mock exam. Receive comprehensive feedback to fine-tune your preparation and ensure you're fully equipped to excel on exam day.

Pro Generalization Test Full-length Mock Exam 2 with Feedback

Final test

Solidify your knowledge and test-taking strategies with our final mock exam. Designed to simulate the exam experience, this test will boost your confidence and ensure you're ready to conquer the BCBA® exam.

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Don't leave your success to chance—trust ABA Pro Builder to guide you every step of the way toward achieving your ABA certification. With our comprehensive study package, expertly crafted resources, and unwavering support, you'll be well-prepared to overcome the exam and embark on a rewarding career in ABA.

Unlock your potential with ABA Pro Builder today!

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Each Content area set within this pack of 450+ cards appears digitally within ABA Pro builder. Yet, we understand that some prefer to practice key terms with physical cards. For those tactile learners, the printed BOOST SAFMEDS deck is the perfect companion to ABA Pro Builder.

Add SAFMEDS to your cart with ABA Pro Builder and receive $5 off your SAFMEDS purchase!


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Note: Pre-test/post-test and the Mock Exam 2 are the SAME as were in Mock10

Disclaimer: BOOST ABA Exam Prep products and services are offered independently of the BACB®. BOOST staff represent ABA Technologies, Inc. and are not affiliated with the BACB®