Aaron Bevacqua, M.S., BCBA

Curriculum and Instructional Support Specialist

Aaron Bevacqua, Curriculum and Instructional Support Specialist

Aaron Bevacqua earned his Master of Science from Florida Institute of Technology and his B.A. from Rollins College. Since 2007, he has applied the principles of behavior analysis with a wide range of individuals, from children and adults with developmental delays to student-athletes and teachers in mainstream education. As a clinical supervisor, he guided ABA graduate students in conducting assessments and managing caseloads. Additionally, he developed systems to monitor and improve treatment fidelity and clinical outcomes and created competency-based training for technicians new to the field.  

Aaron’s research areas include assessing treatments for escape-maintained problem behavior, as well as the effects of a response-card system in the general-education setting. In his current role with ABA Technologies, Inc., he works as a curriculum and instruction specialist designing and delivering online instruction to students seeking certification in behavior analysis.