Corey Robertson, MS, BCBA, LBA-NY, LBA-VA

Corey Robertson

Corey L. Robertson received his Master of Science in applied behavior analysis and organizational behavior management from Florida Institute of Technology in 2006 and became a BCBA in 2007. He began his career in 1998 as an exceptional education teacher for Orange County Public Schools and has since worked as a behavior analyst for several organizations; working in homes, schools and community settings with parents, teachers, and staff to improve the lives of children and adults with and without disabilities.

Behavior Guy

Since 2007, Corey has been dedicated to developing competent behavior analysts through his work as lead co-instructor for Florida Tech’s online course sequence in ABA, and through direct and distance supervision of certificate-seekers. Corey has served as a member-at-large and as president for the Florida Association of Behavior Analysis and maintains the “BehaviorGuy” Facebook page and website.

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In today’s episode of BOOST U!, Maddie Duke, M.S., BCBA, and Corey Robertson, M.S., BCBA, discuss the conditions in a functional analysis (FA). Listeners will learn about the common functions of behavior, the most frequently used conditions in FAs, and how to interpret FA results on a graph. We hope you enjoy!BOOST U! uploads new episodes twice a month, and each episode is meant to help you study…
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In today’s episode of BOOST U!, Maddie Duke, M.S., BCBA, and Corey Robertson, M.S., BCBA, talk about discontinuous measurement from section C of the BCBA task list. Listeners can expect to learn when to use these measurement techniques, how well this form of data collection represents real behavior, and examples of each type of discontinuous measurement.
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In today’s episode of BOOST U!, we are talking about the seven dimensions of ABA! Join Maddie Duke, M.S., BCBA, and Corey Robertson, M.S., BCBA as they discuss the seven dimensions, where they came from, common misconceptions, and how you can study these concepts for the exam.
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Why Choose ABA Online at Florida Tech?

For individuals seeking a career in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), there are many options for coursework, both on-campus and online.
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Here are 15 tips to make the most of your conference experience, from the staff at ABA Tech, many of whom are your favorite co-instructors at Florida Tech ABA Online!
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