Jana Burtner

Jana Burtner

Jana Burtner brings a wellspring of creative-design experience to ABA Technologies, Inc. As a digital designer with a background in marketing and communications, Jana develops and maintains the creative elements and presentations that engage audiences with behavioral science content. Prior to ABA Technologies, she served in numerous creatives roles—teaching graphic design in a public high school, leading marketing and communication efforts for a large medical practice, and working as senior creative designer for a top-25 accounting firm with offices across the United States. Jana is a BFA graduate of James Madison University.

Outside of work, she volunteers with Afrikana Independent Film Festival (design work, event photography), and formerly served as the communication director for TEDxRVA and production designer for TEDxRVAWomen. Jana has a keen interest in bringing community-focused ideas to action through powerful designs that shape how people interact with their world.

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