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B. Andrew Cudmore, PhD

CE Course & Workshop Instructor


Dr. B. Andrew Cudmore has been a faculty member of Florida Tech for the last 19 years, while maintaining a market research consulting firm.  This firm allows Dr. Cudmore to stay connected to industry and also provides work experience for his students.  

Dr.  Cudmore began his career in the oil industry as a market analyst (or consultant) for Petro-Canada, Norcen Energy Resources, and the Ziff Energy Group.  After transitioning to academia, Dr. Cudmore taught for 26 years, across six universities, and two countries.  Dr. Cudmore has been awarded seven educational grants, five external business grants, and two internal research awards.  Dr. Cudmore has created more than 20 business courses on campus and online.  He has a B.A. in Economics, an M.B.A. in Finance and International Business, and a Ph.D. in Marketing with a specialization in Consumer Behavior.  

Dr. Cudmore considers service a high priority.  He serves his university, his college, his students, his community (pro bono work for over 40 businesses; the majority of which were child charities) and his discipline.  He has been a reviewer for textbooks, conferences, and journals such as MIT Sloan Management Review, Issues in Innovation, Journal of Business Disciplines, Journal of Engineering and Management Integration, Journal of Business Research, and Journal of Business Ethics.  

Dr. Cudmore’s research interest includes corporate social responsibility (CSR) and innovation, environmental protection, social marketing, ethics, sustainability, customer service, motivating behavior, technology in business and website usability, packaging, and brand image.  His work has been published in The International Journal of Marketing Studies, The Journal of Global Business Management, The Journal of Management and Engineering Integration, International Journal of Sustainable Development, Journal of Consumer Marketing, Journal of Management and Marketing Research, Journal of Vacation Marketing, Journal of Internet Commerce, Entrepreneur Executive, Healthcare Marketing Services, Journal of Accounting and Finance Research, Advances in Consumer Research, European Association for Consumer Research, and Journal of Business Research.  His research indices are: H-index 7; I10-index 6; H-G-index 10.25; 20 PRJs (peer-reviewed journals); 1,911 Citations; 57 SWs (scholarly works).

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