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Nick Green, M.S., BCBA

CE Course & Workshop Instructor

Nick Green

Nick received his master’s degree in organizational behavior management at Florida Institute of Technology in 2015. Prior to obtaining his M.S., Nick worked with children and young adults with developmental disabilities for five years. In the clinical setting, Nick acquired experience working with severe problem behavior, managing and training staff on appropriate physical management procedures, and designing and implementing company policy regarding the least restrictive alternatives and best practice. His main interest is using applied behavior analysis to improve the health and well-being of others. Specifically, he is interested in designing interventions to reduce physical inactivity in the workplace. Other interests include organizational behavior management, behavioral systems analysis, and ethics. Nick’s clinical background and academic training at FIT has prepared him well to work with various populations and in different settings. He believes everybody has a right not only to effective education and treatment but also to effective physical education.

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