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Open Educational Resources: Expanding on Accessibility Part 2

An ABA Technologies Academy Podcast
1 hours, 3 minutes
1.0 BACB, 1 IBAO
April 14, 2023


 Dr. Veronica Howard


In a previous segment, Open Educational Resources were defined and common misconceptions were dispersed. Explore why Open Educational Resources are sparse in behavior analysis, barriers to creating more, and ways that you can access them. Given these barriers, breaking them down may feel like an impossible feat. Recommendations on how create Open Educational Resources is discussed with reference to the impact practitioners and students can be an active part of making behavior analysis accessible.

Learning Checklist

  1. Describe the systemic factors that impact availability of OERs in the field.
  2. State where to find OERs.
  3. Explain the process of creating and disseminating quality OERs.
  4. Describe steps behavior analysts can take to promote the publication and use of more OERs in practice.


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