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Why Be a Behavior Analyst?

1 hours, 5 minutes
1.0 BACB, Type-2

". . . appropriate applications of behavior analysis, whether they be in education, health care, safety, the environment, gerontology, employee productivity, or along the lines of the examples we’ve looked at which include improving the performance of competitive athletes, empowering people with disabilities by increasing their independence, or just increasing the fun value of leisure time. All of these applications share a focus on increasing people’s quality of life.

William L. Heward, PhD, BCBA-D


Behavior analysis is a relatively vague term and can easily be misunderstood, especially within the scope of Applied Behavior Analysis. In this course, Dr. Bill Heward shares his journey into behavior analysis and discusses some lesser known, yet successful, applications of the science and technology. For someone newer to the field and its fundamental tenants and concepts, this course makes the basic principles simple to understand while also sharing multiple career pathways where one can apply behavior analysis. Dr. Heward gives a solid refresher of ABA terms and reframes the larger importance of Applied Behavior Analysis for the individual and the world. 


Learning Objectives—What you’ll learn in the course and be able to do afterward 


1. With a complete, yet simple, definition of behavior analysis you will be able to 

  • explain behavior analysis to someone who has never heard of it before.; 
  • describe at least four different applications of behavior analysis; 
  • state three examples of behavior analysis improving the quality of one’s lives. 

2. After learning about various careers in behavior analysis you can 

  • describe at least three reasons why an individual would choose behavior analysis as a profession; 
  • explain four recommendations for how behavior analysis could impact the world.


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