1071 Darnell Lattal & Carlos Zuluaga - The Wisdom Factor

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The Wisdom Factor
What is wisdom and how do we become wise?

What makes us human?

How can we, as individuals, make the world a better place?

In my interview with Darnell and Carlos, we discuss The Wisdom Factor and how we can develop greater wisdom so that we can have a more positive impact on our lives and the world. Enjoy!

Pick up a copy of the The Wisdom Factor here.

Guest Bio:
Dr. Alice Darnell Lattal has spent a lifetime on issues of coercion and its fallout across educational, health, mental health, and workplace settings. A behavior analytic clinical psychologist by training, she spent her first two decade of professional life in special education, adult clinical, and community mental health, while addressing the suppressive effects of poverty on infant development, child and spousal abuse, and literacy in rural America. She established her own consulting company, Context Management, Inc. in 1980.

Carlos Zuluaga, M'S. BCBA, has been a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) since 2007 and received his master’s in applied behavior analysis from Florida Tech in 2006. Carlos’ master’s thesis was published in the Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis. As a member of the ABA Technologies team, Carlos has been a co-instructor for the ABA Online program since 2010.

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