ABC Assessment Free Download

This free tool can be used to conduct a direct or indirect ABC Assessment (Bailey & Pyles, 1989; Chase &. Smith, 1994; Daniels, 1989). This version of the ABC Assessment comes from the toolkit in the OBM Specialist Certificate and is associated with Phase 3 of the SPACE model: Assess, when the OBM project team is exploring why the pinpointed behaviors aren’t happening consistently today. The ABC Assessment is a performance diagnostic tool that helps the team understand the contingencies currently impacting performance of the targeted behaviors. The results can help the team design an intervention that addresses the root causes of low performance. Part 1 of the tool guides you through the assessment of contingencies that are currently in place for key performers, and an analysis of each consequence’s presumed effects. Part 2 of the tool guides you through making changes to those contingencies to increase the likelihood of the desired performance occurring.