The Wisdom Factor: Instructor Resources

The Wisdom Factor Cover

For those interested in using the Wisdom Factor in formal classes or through workshops, webinars, or book clubs, we offer a complete teaching guide to use and customize as you might need. We hope to get the book's content out to as many people as possible, and we want to make that as easy as possible while still helping us understand its potential uses.

We need you to fill out a brief questionnaire as to how you intend to use the materials. We understand you may intend but not use the book as you describe. There is no obligation to do so. After you complete that brief questionnaire, we will send you the outline that you are then free to use in whatever way you wish, except to resell it to others. It is free once given to you. If others would like a copy, please send them to this page. Remember, it is not a PDF but a word document that allows changes and customization you want to make to use for how you like best to teach, with lots of ideas about how to do so with this content. Knowing how hard it is to design a new course, our goal is to help you through the use of this material.

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Whatever feedback you can provide about how this teaching guide was or was not of help would be greatly appreciated. Both Dr. Lattal and Mr. Zuluaga would be interested in hearing from you on any recommendations you might have.