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When carrying out an OBM project, it’s important to make sure you are focusing on the right variables. The Why/How tool is used to direct users to the root causes for systems-level concerns while ensuring foundational components are properly aligned.  If you are attempting to start an OBM project with a pinpoint or solution already in mind, you should consider using this tool to validate your theory before making too many changes.  


Imagine a scenario where an organizational leader recommends incentivizing increases in Billable hours or penalizing lower levels of billable hours.  

Using the Why/How Tool, users would start with a presenting request like, “We want to increase billable hours.”

  1. Q: “Why are the hours lower than desired” →
    1. A: ” Because staff aren’t seeing clients enough.” →
  2.  Q:  How do we know? →
    1. A: “The data tells us that staff are averaging less than 20 billable hours per week.” →
  3. Q: “Why is that happening?” → 
    1. A: “They don’t have enough clients.” → 
  4. Q:  How do you know? → 
    1. A: ” The authorization utilization is very high.” →
  5. Q:  Why don’t they have more clients? → 
    1. A:  We don’t have enough referrals in the area with matching availability.

In this example, this changes the focus away from the direct performer and directs the evaluation into systems pertaining to marketing and organizational reputation.