How to Generalize Parent Training

Genuine connection is made with the parent
Empowering the parent(s) is the focus*
Needed skills and communication are incorporated in family social interactions
Everyday successes are identified and reinforced
Regular breaks are taken to provide relaxation time for the parent(s)
Adaption of the behavior principles to new situations occurs (skills, behavior problems) 
Learning occurs in natural environments representative of their daily routines
Incorporates their values as a navigational tool in day to day living**
Talks from a problem- solving perspective are encouraged
Yearly treatment outcomes for both child and parent goals are interactively discussed


When parents see generalization as “an active process” of teaching, they immediately move from “train and hope” to delivering ABA treatment compassionately, interactively, and bringing about generalized behavior change that is meaningful to the child, parents, and family life as a whole. 


*A win/win relationship starts with understanding the perspective of the parent then presenting what is needed to understand. By cultivating this type of interactive interdependence, parents are empowered and can be effective with what is being taught (Covey, 1989/2004).
**Mindful parenting needs to be navigated by the parent’s values and remaining in the present moment allowing an increased probability that more positive interactions will occur between the parent and child/adolescent (Greco and Hayes, 2008).
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