Disseminating Behavior Analysis in France

January 15, 2020

ABA Technologies, Inc.

FormaVision and ABA Technologies, Inc. form an alliance to disseminate behavior analysis in France

Melbourne, FL:

ABA Technologies, Inc., is proud to announce the new alliance between FormaVision and ABA Technologies. Both companies share common values regarding the dissemination of behavior analysis worldwide. The current state of behavior analysis in France is what brought FormaVision and ABA Technologies together. The psychoanalytic approach to understanding and treating behavioral problems has dominated in France; however, since 2012 the French government recognized Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) as the best approach.

After the High Health Authority (the counterpart of the Department of Health and Human Services) recommendations publication in 2012, two successive Autism care plans encouraged the ABA spreading in France. Hence, organizations in France that offer behavioral services are needing training and support, and FormaVision is dedicated to providing this. FormaVision is located in Aquitaine, France, and is an accredited training organization that brings together experienced and committed trainers in the field of autism. Their mission is to disseminate updated knowledge about the Autism Spectrum Disorder and to implement the interventions recommended by the French National Authority for Health (HAS). Their strength lies in the clinical expertise and field experience of its stakeholders, and in the ethical values of the transmission of knowledge and know-how. The name FormaVision stands for: forma = training and vision = supervision.

The Alliance

The alliance between FormaVision and ABA Technologies began when Florence Bouy-Acef, the Clinical Director of FormaVision, met with Darnell Lattal, acting CEO of ABA Technologies. In addition to providing supervision and training within medical and social institutions, FormaVision understood that leaders within these organizations would need operational support to maintain the desired changes targeted by the training and supervision. FormaVision turned to an application of the science of behavior, Organizational Behavior Management (OBM), to help them achieve this goal. OBM involves applying behavior analysis to issues within the workplace, to produce meaningful, lasting changes for the organization, its employees, and its consumers. It seemed relevant to FormaVision to benefit from ABA Technologies’ recognized expertise in the world of behavior analysis, particularly in OBM, to help them achieve their goal of making positive changes in French organizations that last. Thus, FormaVision has started their alliance with ABA Technologies by working on the translation and adaptation of ABA Technologies’ OBM education and training material. FormaVision and ABA Technologies are excited to support each other in their efforts to make meaningful impacts through the science of behavior.

FormaVision and ABA Tech

About ABA Technologies:

We are experts in Applied Behavior Analysis, curriculum development and instructional technology, organizational behavior management, and professional development and dissemination of behavior analysis applications. We are pioneers in developing and delivering online professional education and continuing education for practitioners of behavior analysis. Unlike other similar companies, we introduce a unique technology and experience that results in high engagement, value, and advancements for our customers’ careers. With decades of national and international experience, we offer value, passion, and partnership that is one of a kind.

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