July 20, 2021

December 6, 2022 Update: We no longer carry the Scott Geller book collection. Please navigate to his website to purchase the collection.


Melbourne, FL, July 21, 2021: ABA Technologies, Inc., is inspired to announce our new partnership with Dr. Scott Geller's offering his collection of nine Actively Caring for People® (AC4P™) books in our bookstore. Through his organization, Actively Caring for People® (AC4P™), Inc., Dr. Geller's mission is to apply psychological science to enhance human welfare and life satisfaction. We are pleased to be part of this.

Dr. Scott Geller's book collection focuses on making AC4P behavior the norm at home, work, school, and throughout the community. Dr. Geller’s book collection promotes AC4P culture on a large-scale with continuous support of this behavior by community leaders on all fronts. Dr. Geller's AC4P™ book collection includes:


  1. The Human Dynamics of Achieving an Injury-Free Workplace
  2. The Motivation to Actively Care
  3. The Courage to Actively Care
  4. Life Lesson from Psychological Science
  5. Fifty Lessons to Enrich Your Life
  6. Actively Caring for Your Child
  7. Actively Caring for People in Schools
  8. Actively Caring for People's Safety
  9. Actively Caring for People Policing

Join Dr. Scott Geller as he explains how gratitude isn't only for other people but also for you as we continue learning to ACTIVELY CARE FOR PEOPLE (including ourselves).


Learn more about this book collection today!

“What does it mean to actively care for people (AC4P) and how do we implement such rhetoric into our daily lives? Scott Geller’s 50 Lessons to Enrich Your Life not only highlights the foundation of the AC4P Movement but also walks you through ways to live an AC4P life. The fundamentals come from psychological science, although the real testament is in the actions of people. Geller combines applied behavioral science (ABS) with humanism into a sub-discipline of psychological science called humanistic behaviorism, which is exemplified by the use of empathy when giving corrective feedback to improve behavior. While humanistic behaviorism is broad, many principles and concepts connect to the AC4P Movement.”

– Mackenzie Davis


Dr. Scott GellerScott Geller, Alumni Distinguished Professor at Virginia Tech, is a senior partner of Safety Performance Solutions, Blacksburg, VA. He has authored or co-authored 52 books, 41 training manuals, 94 book chapters, 279 magazine articles, and more than 350 research articles addressing the development and evaluation of behavior-change interventions to improve quality of life. Dr. Geller is a Fellow of the American Psychological Association, the Association for Psychological Science, the Association for Behavior Analysis International, and the World Academy of Productivity and Quality Sciences. He has received Lifetime Achievement Awards from the American Psychological Foundation and the International Organizational Behavior Management Network.


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