Building and Sustaining Compassionate Relationships with Caregivers


Within certain areas of healthcare, it has been documented that treating clients with compassion and empathy can have important benefits, such as increasing patient satisfaction, enhancing adherence to treatment, and improving clinical outcomes. Additionally, areas of psychology and mental health treatment have long recognized the value of the therapeutic relationship in treatment success.  Behavior analysts have recently begun to articulate the importance of attending to relationships in our clinical work. For example, Taylor, LeBlanc and Nosik (2019) proposed that clinical outcomes of clients may be enhanced by engaging in compassionate and empathic responses with caregivers, and Leblanc, Taylor, & Marchese (2019) proposed graduate programs incorporate training in these skills.  

This dynamic six-part webinar series will focus on emerging research in behavior analysis in building therapeutic relationships with caregivers, the skills to build these relationships, and strategies to strengthen these relationships over time. Video examples and activities will illustrate practical strategies that can lead to empathic, collaborative relationships with caregivers.