Megan Galban

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Megan Galban is currently a graduate student at Florida Institute of Technology pursuing her master’s in Applied Behavior Analysis and Organizational Behavior Management. Megan received her bachelor’s degree in psychology, with a minor in music from San Jose State University in California. She developed her passion for ABA while providing in-home services as an RBT, then later as a Program Supervisor. During her three years providing in-home services, Megan worked directly with clients, conducted parent training, wrote clinical programs and trained others to implement them. Her current interests include performance management in clinical settings, process redesign, and the use of behavioral skills training in the workplace.

What Can You Expect from ABA Services?

Friday, 8 Jul 2022
It can be overwhelming for a family when their child receives behavioral services for the first time. In the beginning, much is unknown, and it’s going to take some adjustment. Now imagine this situation: your child has just been diagnosed with autism or another behavioral deficit, and you’re provided with a list of applied behavior analysis (ABA) providers. You have never received services…
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