Victoria German

Victoria German

Victoria German has an undergraduate degree in Psychology, with a minor in Japanese from The University of North Texas. There on, she went to work at in-home, and later treatment-center therapy as an RBT in Dallas, TX, where she developed her passion for ABA. She worked one-on-one with clients, wrote programs, and implemented a parent training initiative at her center during her work there across three-and-a-half years. She's a current graduate student at Florida Tech pursuing her masters in Applied Behavioral Analysis and Organizational Behavior Management. Her current interests and goals are focused on using performance management to create environments that produce productive and valued workers.

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Guiding the Role of the RBT®

Wednesday, 31 Mar 2021
How Supervisors Can Positively Impact Progress and Culture Your most important role as a supervisor is to get results for your clients, offering them optimal opportunities to improve their quality of life. As experts in the science of behavior analysis, you can get results by maximizing and supporting your most important asset—your people.
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The Parallels between ABA and OBM

Monday, 26 Jul 2021
The Generality of Practice Applied Behavior Analysis is more than just a bag of tricks known as Discrete Trial Training, the VB-MAPP, and token systems. However, when we begin to conceptualize our science as such, we lose the fundamentals upon which we found them. We rely too heavily on them in practice, and we fail to…
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Teaching Employees How to Receive Feedback

Wednesday, 15 Dec 2021
How to show you are listening and to show you are committed to change
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