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Behavior-Based Safety: Visible Safety Leadership

0 hours, 50 minutes
1.0 BACB
Terry McSween, PhD
May 24, 2023


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Leadership support is the primary force behind successful BBS implementation. Too often, this support is viewed as simply delivering a series of messages about the importance of safety, but effective safety leadership requires analysis, planning, and building accountability for critical leadership practices. This course teaches those essential practices, how to apply them, and science behind them.

This course includes basic behavior-analytic concepts in the context of safety and is recommended for individuals who have taken the previous courses within this series or otherwise have a general understanding of the behavior-based safety process.

Learning Checklist

Participants will learn:

  • Why employees make decisions that put themselves or others at risk of injury 
  • How to give positive feedback and discuss concerns 
  • What critical behaviors are necessary for true safety leadership
  • How to prompt, monitor, and increase those critical safety leadership behaviors
  • How to cascade safety leadership behaviors at each organizational level
  • How to focus on important safety issues in meetings


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