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ABA Pro Builder

ABA Pro Builder is a study companion designed to help you achieve your goals effectively. Each content area pro pack practice module includes key term practice and quizzing to build your foundation, 10 petite mock exams to test your knowledge and test-taking skills, detailed feedback to reinforce your knowledge, readings, and references to quickly locate study and source materials, and supplemental resources to help with difficult content. 
4 months
May 1, 2024

$225  $199

For the month of June, get $26 off


  • Pro Pretest – Full-length Mock Exam 1*: Gauge your current knowledge and exam readiness with our comprehensive diagnostic tool. 

  • Nine Content Area Pro Pack Modules: Dive deep into each content area with digital key term SAFMEDS, petite mock exams, EZ Study Sheets, and recommended readings. 

  • Roulette-style Content Area Mixed Practice: Test your knowledge with 920 questions accompanied by detailed feedback. 

  • Pro Post-test Full-length Mock Exam 1* with Feedback: Assess your progress and readiness with another full-length mock exam. 

  • Pro Generalization Test Full-length Mock Exam 2* with Feedback: Solidify your knowledge and test-taking strategies with our final mock exam. 

*Note: Pre-test/post-test and the Mock Exam 2 are the SAME as were in Mock10. If you've previously purchased Mock 10, please contact us for a discount on this product.

Disclaimer: BOOST ABA Exam Prep products and services are offered independently of the BACB®. BOOST staff represent ABA Technologies, Inc. and are not affiliated with the BACB®


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