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BOOST Bundle 3

BOOST Bundle 3 is the ultimate comprehensive package tailored for those who seek the most resources and practice in their certification preparation.
8 Months
June 3, 2024

What's Included:

  • Mock Exam A
  • Mock Exam B
  • ABA Pro Builder comprehensive study course

Bundle Highlights:

  • Mock Exam A and Mock Exam B offer comprehensive testing, scoring, and feedback to help you assess your exam readiness and practice for the real thing.
  • ABA Pro Builder provides a wide range of resources, including:
    • Mock exams 1 and 2
    • 92 content area petite mock exams
    • Digital SAFMEDS
    • Reading assignments
    • Supplementary resources
    • Study tools and more!
  • 700 unique mock exam questions
  • 920 petite mock exam practice questions
  • 1,620 total questions with feedback !

Ideal For: Students who seek both the practice and resources of ABA Pro Builder and additional assessment experiences to evaluate their exam readiness and practice for the real certification exam.


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