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Best Teaching Practices: Research in the Trenches

2 hours, 50 minutes
3.0 BACB

 Research is certainly the best way for us to improve our already effective teaching tools . . . If we systematically evaluate our practices, across all the individuals we serve, we may identify what the best practices are for clients as a whole.

William H. Ahearn, PhD, BCBA-D 


When describing behavior analytic procedures, the phrase “best practice,” while commonly used, may not be well understood. Dr. William H. Ahearn begins this course by defining best practice and identifying steps necessary for developing best practice teaching procedures to meet the individual needs of children with autism. Dr. Ahearn follows up with a description of autism based on structural and functional accounts of behavior and subsequently identifies elements of effective teaching programs according to recent research. Dr. Ahearn then evaluates practice-informed research regarding teaching procedures for behavior chains, verbal behavior, and social skills. This course concludes with a description of procedures for remediation of delays in learning when best practice programming has been implemented. 

Learning Objectives

What you’ll learn in the course and be able to do afterward 

  1. 1.  Define best practice when referring to behavior analytic procedures. 
  • List steps in the process of determining best practice teaching procedures. 

  1. 2.  Define autism. 
  2. Compare structural and functional accounts of behavioral differences between children with and without ASD. 

  3. 3.  List elements of effective intervention as described by Dawson and Osterling (1997). 
  4. List the major deficit areas to focus on when developing curricula. 

  5. Reference research articles that have investigated procedures for teaching behavior chains. 

  6. Describe the results of research on least-to-most and most-to-least prompting procedures. 

  7. 5.  Identify effective procedures for teaching social/play skills. 
  8. List specific social skills to target during teaching procedures. 

  9. 6.  List and describe procedures to remediate delays in learning. 


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